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IRAN NADO’s new Persian website unveiled

According to the report of Iran NADO; training course and retraining of sampling process and doping control held at the National Olympic Academy during a ceremony attended by Mr.Seyed Mohammad Poladgar, Chairman of National Anti-Doping Organization and Vice President of Championship Sports and Dr.Gholamreza Norouzi,Secretary General of Iran NADO unveiled a new website of Iran NADO.

It should be mentioned; the site is according to the Standards of WADA and including items such as: annually prohibited list, bank of names of sanctioned athletes, annually RTP list (Iranian athletes who are under supervision of IRAN NADO), Speak up system or report of doping violation, ADEL program (WADA training system), WADA automation (ADAMS) and other parts which is necessary for sport society.

Also, according to the memorandum which is signed between Iran NADO and WADA, in the near future Persian language will be placed as one of main languages on the website in two system ADAMS and ADEL.

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