Todays, it has been proven that one of the best ways prevention the spread of prohibited substances and methods by athletes is education, culture and information.

The National Anti-Doping Organization has provided all international and national rules and regulations in various parts of the doping control process for the sports community.

In 2021, with numerous consultations with WADA, initial steps have been taken to personalize the ADEL education system and the ADAMS system for the use of Persian speakers around the world, which would be operational in the near future.

Agreement with WADA rules and regulations, coordination with UNESCO in the implementation of WADA's macro-policies, active participation in the Asia-Pacific Ministerial of Sports, especially in WADA joint meetings and other international conventions was one of the ways of achievement of IRAN NADO.

As one of the pioneers in the way of fight against doping, we will do our best to control this ominous phenomenon in the international sports community and Islamic Iran.

Dr.Gholamreza Norouzi

Secretary General of Iran NADO and

President of SMFI