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Iran NADOs doping control officers collected 20 blood samples from weightlifting & Boating athletes

According to the Iran NADO"s report; throughout the 3 days (Feb17,18,19)20 blood samples taken from weightlifting & Boating athletes.

Based on this report, 14 urine samples & 7 blood samples have taken by Iran NADO"s doping control officers in the weightlifting hall of Azadi stadium on Feb,17-19.

It should be mentioned; also doping control officers attended at the Azadi stadium national sailing team camp and took 13 tests (5 female athletes and 8 male athletes) on the Feb,19.

Also, IRAN NADO in addition to taking urine sampling put blood sampling in its schedule in order to fight against phenomenon of doping at the end of 2021.

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