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Iran NADO Secretary General, Dr.Gholamreza Norouzi emphaisis on;

Expanding anti-doping education and information activities which is a priority for Iran NADO


A meeting and review of the performance of the National Anti-Doping Organization held under the leadership of Dr. Gholamreza Norouzi, President of the Sports Medicine Federation and Secretary General of Iran NADO.

According to the report by Iran NADO, Dr. Norouzi in this meeting, referring to the brilliant performance of the National Anti-Doping Organization in recent years, stated: We are pleased that anti-doping activities in the country"s sports with the support of the Ministry of Sports and Youth , the National Olympic Committee & Sports Federations are being actively pursued and the clean record of our country"s sports in major events such as the Olympic Games and the Asian Games, shows a corner of this success.

The Secretary General of Iran NADO stated: "Despite of all the efforts and activities, we believe that Iran NADO‘s program should continue without interruption and this is especially important in the field of training and information activities and reduce the possibility of the involvement of athletes in doping.

In this meeting, Dr. Seyed Ashkan Ordibehesht, Secretary of Sports Medicine Federation and one of the senior officers of Iran NADO, Dr. Farzad Sharki, Deputy Secretary General of the National Anti-Doping Organization, Dr. Reza Vafaei, Chairman of Iran NADO’s Education Committee and Dr. Reza Saeedi, Chairman of the Education Committee SMFI and The senior officers of Iran NADO were present and expressed their expert views on the fight against doping and the activities of Iran NADO.



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